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Freelance illustrator with a unique style due to living with Tourette's. Available for interviews, podcasts and commissions.

A picture of myself - Terrina Bibb.

Art with a tic...

After developing tourettes in early adulthood, I suffered from tics which hindered my ability to produce art.

Not letting it control what I wanted to do, I developed a style in where I scribble onto my canvas. This means that if I tic whilst creating my art, it isn’t instantly ruined - it’s part of my unique style.

Tourette syndrome, is a neurological condition which causes movements and noises I can’t control. As well as vocal tics; my body can jerk at any given time and potentially ruin a drawing. However my scribble style of drawing allows my Tourette's to work with me, rather than against me.

I've always loved art so when my body would involuntarily move I thought I'd lost my passion. However when I'm doing my art, it really helps me to focus and actually reduces the amount of tics that I have.

Since being diagnosed in my early twenties, I've overcome the anxieties that Tourette's brought me and started my business; Creating Art in a Tic.

Since then I've featured on many radio shows and newspapers, raising awareness about my disability and how my passion for art helps me deal with the day-to-day.

In 2018 the BBC approached me to take part in a documentary about myself and four others with Tourette's syndrome. From this I've grown massively in confidence, after sharing our similar experiences and understanding that people need to be educated on our disability - rather than being shielded from it.

Before meeting these amazing people, I couldn't go to my local shop on my own to get milk in fear of judgement that I'd potentially blurt out something rude that would offend people.

But now; I realise I am a strong, talented woman raising awareness about my Tourette's disability whilst working on a flourishing business!

A 4 metre wide by 1.5 metre high mural commission of African animals.